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Saffron Kabab Restaurant is a family-owned and operated business located in the South-End of Ottawa, ON – near the corner of Alta Vista & Bank St. Established in 2019, our head chef Saber has accumulated over 20+ years of experience working with Mediterranean Cuisine.
At Saffron, we take pride in providing a traditional Persian Cuisine by using a blend of local ingredients and imported spices only grown in our homeland, bringing together a symphony of vibrant and authentic flavours in all our dishes. We know the best ingredients & spices are fundamental in making a well, composed & authentic dish.

Thanks to our client’s continuous support, we’ve quickly become a staple in the Ottawa Community. In promising exceptional service and quality food to all, we’re humbled in being able to expand our restaurant to a second location. This new chapter allows us to get closer to our dear clients in the West-End of Ottawa located on Carling Ave- in the Bayshore Area.

highest quality ingredient in each and every bite.

The origins of Iranian Cuisine may be traced back to the Persian Empire founded by Cyrus The Great during the Sixth Century. During its reign, the Persian Empire stretched from Europe’s Balkan Peninsula in the West to India’s Indus Valley in the East. Also known as the Achaemenid Empire, it was a hub of culture, religion, science, art, and technology. Being the empire stretched so far from west to east, it allowed for ingredients and spices to travel within. The diverse collection of different cultures within the
empire and its surrounding regions influenced Persian Cuisine as we know it today.

When talking about Persian Cuisine, we often tend to use words like “vibrant”, “aromatic” or “herbal”, although true, they don’t fully capture the essence of our treasured dishes. The time, technique & care taken in creating the same consistency and flavours of Mama’s stews & rice or Baba’s Kababs is truly difficult to replicate. Our traditions and practices are something we hold dear to our hearts, normally passed down through generations from close family and friends. Although slight variations can be observed as each generation tweaks the recipe for the next, the one consistent thing that stays true throughout is the love and care put into each dish.

Tastes and flavours, textures, and temperatures all need to be balanced in all our dishes. Even the contrast between sweet and sour, soft and crunchy, hot and cold can all be found in almost every meal. We offer a variety of different tastes & textures to accommodate everyone’s pallet including Vegan Options.

JD RogersJD Rogers
00:35 20 Mar 22
We just decided to drop into this delightful Persian restaurant as we had driven past it many times and we were curious about it. It turns out our visit coincided with it being the day before Persian New Year so the restaurant was nicely decorated for that. The food was expertly prepared and delicious. My wife had the beef, walnut and pomegranate stew. My son and I tried the kebabs. Service was very friendly and helpful even though they were extremely busy. We will be back to explore more of the menu. Highly recommended!!
Jacob` ParentJacob` Parent
15:02 14 Mar 22
One of the best restaurants in Ottawa. Thank you for the delicious food and hospitality. The skewers of meat were flavorful and juicy. I would also recommend the saffron ice cream!
Jezireen ChavezJezireen Chavez
04:00 08 Mar 22
It was our first time at this restaurant and we were amazed by both the food and the service. The servers were friendly and helpful. And the food was really delicious. Would totally recommend this place and would definitely come back!
Basheer Al-DibisBasheer Al-Dibis
22:36 26 Feb 22
Amazing Kabab’s made fresh and served right off the grill. They recommended the mix 10 platter to feed 4 of us.The assorted skewers were juicy and flavorful each and every bite. Highly recommend this place for anyone looking for a comfy family atmosphere and good food. Will be back soon!
Rayann SoueidRayann Soueid
20:55 06 Feb 22
This is my family’s go to restaurant! The food is always amazing and never lacking any flavor and I love that it is always so fresh! Also, the customer service is 10/10. I went in this Friday to pick up my order and I was greeted with smiles and I was given a canary melon as well as some lollipops for my friend and I. Just all around great people and great food.
Mandi PMandi P
21:54 05 Feb 22
BEST AUTHENTIC PERSIAN FOOD IN OTTAWA. Ive tried other Persian restaurants in Ottawa… There is no other comparison in the city that compares to Saffron. Absolutely delicious. Made with love each time. If you want authentic Persian food made with real traditional ingredients. This is the place to go.
Syed Haider AliSyed Haider Ali
17:16 11 Jan 22
I just had a take-out family meal from Saffron and, safe to say, they have some of the best food in Ottawa. In particular, their kabobs and chicken are very well cooked, tender, and juicy. The side dishes that come along with the meal, such as the lentil soup, are also delectable. I would absolutely recommend this restaurant—great food, great quality, great service!
Bassam SafiBassam Safi
03:15 25 Dec 21
My first experience with Saffron kabob house was exceptional. delicious food and great service. The staff were so welcoming and attentive. Food was just as How i expected . took the family plate of 10 skews with two of my friends, was fabulous delicious. So I order extra one to share it with my family. Definitely will be back with family and friends!!!
Tony FragiskosTony Fragiskos
16:54 08 Dec 21
Had my first experience with Persian dinning last night. I was 100% blown away with the flavours and attention to detail. I would highly recommend this Restaurant to anyone looking for a tasteful diversion from the “same old same old”. Service was super friendly, polite and meticulous. See you there soon!!!Thank you to all for a very memorable dinning experience!!!
Reagan BartelReagan Bartel
00:52 07 Dec 21
Having never experienced Persian food, I was excited to get an invitation. Folks…this food was incredible. On top of that, the wait staff were kind, and offered suggestions and even laughed along with us. All the kebabs were worth trying, the portions were huge. I even tried the yogurt drink (for us Irish folks it kind of tasted like a sour buttermilk). Wonderful environment and 10-10 would recommend.
20:54 25 Nov 21
The absolute best Persian food in the city, hands down! I’m an Ottawa native and have tried them all.. Everything on the menu is so fresh and juicy. The service is also great, the owner cooks the food himself, and he’s always lingering around to make sure everything is running smoothly. If you want delicious, clean Persian food, look no further. You can thank me later!
02:07 19 Nov 21
I have been there twice and both experiences were amazing! I really recommend this place. The staff is very thoughtful and the food is delicious. Very good persian food. The store might be small but its still very nice and well decorated. Looks like a cozy home.
Karl GrodzinskiKarl Grodzinski
18:30 04 Nov 21
This place is amazing. The staff are super friendly and the food is absolutely incredible. The food itself is some of the most delicious, flavorful stuff that you will ever eat, but what shocked me was the size of the portions – the main meals are seriously massive and you get a tremendous value for your money. If you feel like taking your taste buds for a ride and crushing your hunger, go to Saffron Kabab!
Shahab BoroonShahab Boroon
01:23 06 Sep 20
Fantastic place with welcoming staff and delicious Iranian food.



Saffron is the rarest and the most precious spice in the world. Also known as “red gold”, Saffron has given its magical flavor, aroma, and golden hue to our foods, drinks, and even the application of medicine for centuries.

Saffron is made from the saffron crocus, a purple flower that blooms in the autumn producing only three threads (stigmas) of Saffron. Ideally, harvesting occurs during the mid-morning when the flowers are still closed, being the flowers only bloom for one to three weeks out of the year, it’s of the utmost importance to delicately handpick each strand to ensure none are damaged during harvesting.

Fun Fact- It takes roughly 70,000 crocus flowers to make one pound of Saffron. Due to the low yield of 3 strands per flower and all the harvesting being done manually by hand, Saffron is known as the most expensive spice in the world.


Saffron also provides health benefits as well. Studies show the strands contain an impressive variety of plant compounds that act as antioxidants. Not only does it add complex flavours & colours to our dishes, but it is said to help with everything from weight loss and appetite management, digestion, insomnia, treating mood disorders & more.


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